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"Care" Range of Paint and Timber Finishes

Academic uses Becker Acroma's "Care" range of low toxic, alcohol-based, two pack paints and Laquers. The "Care" range conforms to European E1 limits regarding formaldehyde emissions for solvent based products. By choosing the "Care" range, Academic is using a paint that is kinder to the enviroment without sacrificing the durablity and quality of the finish.

These high quality "Care" finishes, provide a tough protective coating, ensuring your furniture maintains an attractive surface finish.

"Care" finishes are available in an extensive range of standard colours, and in most cases, can be matched to suit your requirements.

Cleaning and maintenance is simple, as only a damp cloth is required to wipe over the surface. Academic can also supply Becker Acroma Spray Wax Furniture Polish for your convenience.